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  • Move without holding A blanket
  • Works with shawls, scarves, knitwear
  •  Transforms woven blankets into cloaks
A tool used for centuries by the Vikings, Celtics, & Romans.
An historic, yet little known, piece of jewelry. It never fails to bring warmth, surprise and a smile!
  • ​ Great Gift for Friends and Family
  •  Accessorize An Outfit or Use for Warmth
  • ​Includes Gift Drawstring Pouch 
Club Members Get A NEW PIN EVERY MOnth!
  • ​​Exciting Surprise - Our members love the surprise of receiving new styles of pins every month. It makes you look forward to getting the mail. When it arrives, you have a fresh new look that can be combined with so many outfits.
  • ​Know Someone Into Vikings? - This is the perfect gift for history lover. Best part is with this deal, there is no risk. Give them this free cloak pin. If they like it, stick with the club and gift them a new one every month!
  • Unique Presents - It's hard to find unique gifts these days. Everybody knows what to expect. Cloak pins are different. Thousands of our customers have 'wowed' their loved ones with these pins.

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See what people have to say...

Finally can wear the shawls and cashmere pashminas that have stayed in a drawer for literally years! These are attractive and work! No more trying to fasten the casual 'throw over a shoulder' look with a safety pin without seeing there safety pin. Love these.

- Carol S.
Bought this for an edge to edge crocheted jacket. So pleased with the result. Thank you.
- Hilary D.
I have many shawls, cloaks and sweaters without buttons. This marvelous cloak pin will get lots of use. The Celtic traditions have been passed down in my family and I feel energized when I am wearing this practical ornament.

- Barbara
Bought these for Christmas gifts. Not only were these really pretty but where really liked by those who received them. I'm so happy with my purchase.

- Nancy K.
I absolutely love this! I'll never lose it like I have so many others.
I plan on ordering a few more as gifts and one of the small ones
for myself to wear with more delicate shawls!
- Donna C.
I’ve always wanted one of these! I’m always wearing blankets, fabric and towels! These pins are fantastic! I have 2 as gifts from my husband, he’s in my good book lol!
- Angela V.
Love wearing this pin with my heavy scarves. They no longer what to continually fall off of my shoulders. I seem to always feel colder than others and always have something wrapped around me.
- Carol A.
Thank you, love the cloak pin. I did not know there was a pin like this until I found it online.
I had always struggled to keep my Irish capes on & now there are no worries. Looks great too. I bought both color pins. I will be back again !
- Barbara H.
We have a limited amount of free cloak pins! 
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